Could Eating Fish Cause Prostate Cancer?


It would seem that there are tons of different risk factors for getting prostate cancer. Among several of likely the most well known are: genetic predisposition, being of African descent, consuming red meat, smoking, drinking a lot of alcohol, consuming milk products and having too a lot of different sex partners. (If you’re a Black man with a lot of sex partners I would cut back on my dairy.)

Just when it seems like there’s not a lot of left that is delicious or perhaps fun, the American Journal of Epidemiology has added another to the list. Men who eat fish are 2.5 times more prone to create aggressive prostate cancer. Granted, giving up fish isn’t as strong as almost all of the other items on the above mentioned list, although we often believed fish was great for us. Is not it supposed to be mind food or something?

Researchers from Seattle’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center did a prostate cancer study on 19,000 men age 55 & up. After a few years they analyzed a subset of 3,000 of them and found out the males that had developed an aggressive kind of prostate cancer even had the top levels of DHA (an omega 3 fatty acid). This was shocking to them in they expected a greater degree of omega 3 may even guard against cancer. If it didn’t prevent cancer they certainly didn’t expect it to contribute to cancer. The males with the highest amounts of DHA had a much higher incidence of this illness. Not only did they have prostate cancer but an aggressive kind of it. The kind that kills you easily. It was also exciting to note that hardly any of the subjects took omega three supplements. Most of them got it from eating fish.

If you Google “Omega three prostate cancer fish” it is all over the web. Eating fish increases the risk of yours of getting an aggressive kind of prostate cancer by a significant amount. The results are in. The good news is that fish even now make excellent fertilizer in your backyard.

This is the perfect time to make a disclaimer. I am not a health care professional. It’s been so long since I have gotten the degree of mine in Biology that I’m most likely not actually an excellent scientist. I am a Caveman. Nonetheless, something here was fishy to me. I do know that cavemen ate fish. To suddenly see that fish are terrible for us just appears to be counter-intuitive, for Peruse this article reason I did a little digging.

This study didn’t start out to be about omega 3 at all. The omega three results were anecdotal. It was an experiment sponsored by a significant drug company carrying finasteride. Finasteride is a drug which is synthesized from progestrone (a female hormone) which shrinks enlarged prostates as well as promotes growth of hair on aging balding males. The drug company sponsored the study in the hopes that the drug of theirs may also prevent prostate cancer. Just how awesome would that be? A pill to ensure that you do not need to get up at bedtime to pee, stops prostate cancer and even grows your hair back.

All 19,000 men at the beginning of this research and all 3,000 that were eventually subjected to testing for prostate cancer were definitely taking finasteride. As a Caveman, here’s what I would draw as a conclusion out of this study: Almost all of them could sleep through the night without getting approximately urinate, most have been hairier, a number of that ate fish developed aggressive prostate cancer.

In my opinion the one rational conclusion one can easily draw from this study is that it is not a good idea for men to eat both fish and finasterides.

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