Dental Health – Eat The Way of yours To Healthy Teeth


There is so much focus on keeping your eye on what we consume so we can remain in shape. The figures of just how many people are obese is worrying as well as the children of ours are getting obese. To contribute to the reasons of keeping yourself fit and slim added to this is that what you consume really does impact your tooth as well.

Not only does everything you eat affect the waist line of yours but it affects the teeth of yours also.


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1. In the event you eat food in-between meals and don’t brush afterwards the plaque will begin forming within 20 minutes – causing harm to your teeth.

2. The bacteria in your mouth love sugar and uses it to produce acids which create tooth decay. The more sugar you eat and drink the more you feed the bacteria. The bacteria in the mouth of yours the more the tooth decay of yours and the more issues you have.

3. You are able to help your teeth by eating a few meals which promote the saliva in your mouth – like eating mature cheese in the end of your meal – since it’s the saliva that can help wash away the nasty bacteria.

So What Should We Eat?

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