“Our DC SMARTStart customers employ critical communications and networking equipment that is often remotely deployed and can sometimes experience a lock-up or overload condition causing interruption of service.  Some customers also require rapid deployment with different load types and a flexible overload configuration,” said Scott Wolf, product line director for the RF2M US business. “The new DC SMARTStart II provides secure, remote, and rapid reset of locked or overloaded equipment as well as on-the-fly reconfiguration of overload and short-circuit protection.”

APITech has led the way in rugged, reliable power distribution for more than a decade, with deployments in critical applications like the next-generation FAA network of ground stations for air traffic control.  APITech understands these applications and incorporates new capabilities not offered by others such as rapid overload reconfiguration.

“Our solution saves time and money and enables critical systems to be up and running with minimal interruption of service,” said Wolf.

About APITech™ (API Technologies Corp.) is an innovative designer and manufacturer of high- performance systems, subsystems, modules, and components for technically demanding RF, microwave, millimeter wave, electromagnetic, power, and security applications. A high-reliability technology pioneer with more than 70 years of heritage, APITech’s products are used by global defense, industrial, and commercial customers in the areas of commercial aerospace, wireless communications, medical, oil and gas, electronic warfare, unmanned systems, C4ISR, missile defense, harsh environments, satellites, and space.

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