High Blood glucose Level in the Morning – Is it Threatening in the Morning?


High blood sugar levels in the morning will be annoying to anyone vulnerable to diabetes. For the same reason, taking too much amount of insulin is able to result in low levels of blood glucose causing hypoglycemia. Since such a disorder is life threatening, the body of yours begins to react to insulin antagonists linked to the adrenal glands, pituitary glands and the pancreas of yours. It’s just to counteract and eliminate the bad effects because of insulin.

The above tend to be powerful hormonal glands which result in speedy and steep elevations in the very high sugar levels of the blood stream of yours. These elevated sugar levels every so often cause several problems in the body. And so then this situation should not be ignored. Your entire body condition needs treated with enhanced insulin dose which might cause another significant pitch in the glucose levels of yours. This will have another consequence of compensatory reaction as well as increased insulin doses.

The Dawn or Morning Phenomenon happens naturally for the diabetic. This particular process occurs during sleeping hours, moreover the hormones begin fighting against insulin to lower the blood sugar amounts. This occurs generally as soon as the insulin dose starts wearing off. The consequence is going to be the elevated blood sugar threatening during the morning hours of the morning. This is experienced by many patients of type two diabetes for aproximatelly 5 to 10 hours after the dawn.

Sugar levels just above 110mg/dl is not much of a problem when a person gets up from bed with the sunshine. But, it is often a puzzle for all those who actually experience it. Rebound hyperglycemia and Somogyi Effect are 2 cases a lot like Dawn occurrence. In these cases the blood glucose level goes down due to taking increased doses of insulin or having absolutely no treat just before going to sleep.

If you read your sugar levels often by two to 3AM on a few nights consecutively, you are going to get a clue for what caused high blood glucose levels in the early morning. Whenever the sugar level is regularly at down reading the probable reason may be Somogyi Effect. You can affirm you are taking a lot of insulin or maybe the bed time snack is very small. Rather, if the sugar level is elevated throughout the early hours, Dawn Phenomenon is the probable cause.

You need not worry much with high blood sugar in the morning alone, being not so high after that. But, Discover page – www.timesofisrael.com, it would be recommended that you consult the doctor of yours who may modify the products as well as time of taking insulin.

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