Knoxville Utilities Board has been approved to offer broadband services to its customers.

Last month Knoxville City Council gave Knoxville Utilities Board final approval to build a fifth utility, adding broadband internet to their portfolio of electricity, water, sewage and gas. 

On Thursday night, Knox News reporter Vincent Gabrielle caught up with Ryan Wilusz, Knox News urban life writer, to talk about what people can expect as KUB expands their new service. 

The conversation, which can be viewed on the Knox News Instagram (@knoxvillephoto) was part of KnoxTalks, a live chat series with Knox News reporters on subjects about which readers have burning questions. 

Here’s what Gabrielle and Wilusz talked about.

When will people be able to get KUB broadband? 

That depends on a couple things – build plans and your location. KUB hasn’t finalized any build plans so when you, specifically, will get access to the service is anyone’s guess.

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