Low Sex Drive in Men: Is Low Testosterone to Blame?


Every man knows what it feels going through a period of low sex drive. We’ve all been there. Actually a man who takes great care of himself, stays healthy, eats right, exercises properly, has a rewarding intimate life and methods excellent penis care could occasionally discover that sex is the final thing on the thoughts of his.

Fortunately for most men, that low sex drive lasts for only a little while. Peace of mind is easy to come by, because it’s typically clear exactly what caused it. Serious pressure in the workplace, being very tired to think straight, Begin your journey (Going to Timesofisrael) and also being anxious about an upcoming meeting or event is often sufficient to make a male want to say, “Not tonight, honey.”

Give it a couple of days, and things are right to normal!

Poor sex drive that does not go away

But sometimes, that low sex drive in males simply lingers. It might ebb and flow a bit, but for certainly the most part, the fascination in any intimate activities with someone has substantially reduced. There’s no medical or physical apparently cause. There is no psychological concern. There is only the sad silence of a sex drive which has vanished.

Anyone in this situation ought to start looking into what lower testosterone levels can do.

Low testosterone, likewise known as Low-T, can result in a really low sex drive in males. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg: Low-T may additionally bring about fatigue, difficulty concentrating, mood changes, a reduction in bone and muscle mass mass, infertility, as well as an inability to end up getting it up. to be able to make matters even worse, the mood changes due to Low-T – specifically depression – can make a male really not care that the sex drive of his has tanked.

A low sex drive of males caused by low testosterone is a lot more typical than most males think. Over three million males are diagnosed with it every year. Males have a tendency to have peak testosterone levels at age twenty, after which see an extremely step decline through the age of forty. And then, testosterone levels might decrease more quickly with each passing decade.

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