Protein Powder Vs Food


Why protein powder instead of simply more food?

The reasons for consuming protein powders instead of food are frequently because of its high bioavailability, simplicity as well as cost effectiveness as well as digestion speed.

Bioavailability (BV)

Bioavailability refers to the power of the body to take in a food type upon digestion. At the time of introducing the BV, eggs were regarded as to have the greatest bioavailability of any food supply and subsequently it was provided a BV of 100. However since this particular time as is covered in other articles, protein powders have been determined to have a better BV compared to eggs, with a few protein powders rating as large as 170 when coupled with stomach enzymes. Basically this implies that whenever you supplement with protein powders your body absorbs much more of the protein during the digestion process than any sturdy food source.

Break down of food Speed

As was discussed earlier in this report, some protein powders could begin digestion in as quickly as 10 mins after consumption. Of any food source, once again the protein in eggs is one of the fastest digesting proteins. However See this site ( particular protein of eggs requires about two hours and the proteins in foods as chicken and tuna fish is able to take 3 hours to digest as well as be absorbed into the blood stream.

After a tough workout or strenuous exercise much sixty mins can be too long for your muscles to hold on for protein. It’s widely recognized by individuals who exercise the most important moment to get a protein shake is immediately just before exercise. After exercise the body of yours is going to have greater absorption of food to be able to rebuild muscles and renew energy. If the body of yours doesn’t receive the right nutrition to begin this process it is able to cause continued muscle break down (catabolism) after your physical exercise is finished. Because of the much slower digestion speeds of meals proteins it is not possible to feed your muscles with adequate protein immediately prior to exercise to maximise muscle and fitness gains with no protein shakes.

Cost Simplicity and Effectiveness

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