Why SEO Needs Great Copywriters

Jazuli T Barconi

If you own a business, no matter how small or large it is in scope, you must have already figured out that there is more to it than meets the eye. 

Like with any other aspect of your work, there are some hidden – yet essential – elements to having a successful website. Unfortunately, innovative design and the latest technologies can only get you so far. 

What you need to have a business site that is trustworthy and competitive is excellent content writing. This means, you need SEO copywriters, and this article will explain why.

What is SEO copywriting?

There is more to Search Engine Marketing and SEO than just focusing on keywords and links. To put it in the simplest terms possible, behind those keywords that people use to find your website there is a purpose.

People will visit your website with a particular question, problem, or issue on their minds. Google and other search engines rank websites according to the purpose they serve and the problems they solve.

One more thing to keep in mind is that search engines crawl millions of new pages every month. Therefore, Google doesn’t want to spend ages on your site to check if your content is any good. Thus, you must arrange your important content in a way that is easily accessible to search engines.

There is one thing that solves both these issues simultaneously. You need someone to create content that is both machine-friendly and useful for people that visit your site. 

You need an SEO copywriter.

Copyrighting and search engine ranking

In its traditional sense, copywriting means writing for advertisements. But, things are a bit different online.

Online content needs to do more than just sell. Well-written online content should also attract targeted search engine traffic.

Being highly ranked on a search engine results page is crucial for running a successful business. If you are on the second page of Google search results, you might as well not exist.

Offer helpful information to your visitors, and the rankings of your site will automatically improve. The higher the order, the more people will trust your site and visit it, resulting in an even higher ranking in the long run.

Copyrighting and the human factor 

During the time you have spent online, you might have stumbled upon a website that was highly ranked by search engines even though it had nothing of value to offer. Fortunately, those websites, created by link stuffing and just piling up keywords and phrases, are a flash in the pan, and once Google catches up to them, they end up downgraded or straight up banned.

What you want to offer is something completely different. The writing on your site should be aimed at people first, search engines second. In order to convert leads into customers, your website needs content that provides value.

Quality writing will do more than just attract visitors to your site. Once they see that your content has actual value, your website will gain authority. The quality of information that the visitors receive can convince them to do business with you or drive them away.

On top of it all, good content does more than just informing your visitors. It is also engaging, and this results in higher customer satisfaction and retention.

In this ever-changing world of today, brand loyalty is one more extremely important thing. A good copywriter can help you define your brand’s identity, the values you stand for, even the type of lifestyle that you are selling. 


A good website is one that is well-designed and aesthetically pleasing. It should also have a logical structure, so it is easy to navigate, as the ease of navigation is one more factor determining how high your site will be placed in search engine rankings.

But, all of those bells and whistles are practically useless unless you can offer quality content. So, first, your site should have content that contains all the essential keywords and phrases so that the search engines can quickly see its value. Secondly, it should offer content that is valuable to your actual visitors.

Valuable content is the type of content that offers some kind of advice or answers to a question that might be troubling a real, human visitor to your site. A good copywriter can help you by creating such content for your site. You need content that focuses on humans first, search engines and bots second.

Once you have quality content to offer, people will see your site as a place of authority and one that they often come back to. This is one more thing that will improve your SEO rankings and make your website – and, consequently, your business – even more attractive for any new potential customers.

Remember, words can and do sell.

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