How to Plant Mushrooms – Grow Your Own Shiitake Mushrooms at Home


There are several scientific studies which show shiitake mushrooms are able to help patients with certain cancer. Shiitake has lentinan, a sort of beta glucan which can improve the immune system that is going to enable the body to deal with cancer.

Shiitake mushroom originated from China and Japan, and it is the most in demand ingredient in any oriental and modern cuisine. They can be purchased in the supermarkets, though in case you know easy methods to plant mushrooms in the convenience of your own backyard, you won’t just save lots of cash but you’re certain which you’ll be eating a mushroom that’s free from chemical substances.

The procedures in growing your very own mushrooms are simple adequate and some areas of concern you have to focus on while growing the mushrooms of yours are heat, Visit details amount of rainfall, sunlight exposure, and drying out winds.

How to Plant Mushrooms – Choosing the Logs of yours for your Shiitake

Realize that shiitake mushrooms grow in logs and choosing the right log is important. Hard wood logs would be the most ideal for shiitake mushrooms. Many mushroom growers choose birch, maple, alder, aspen, willow, hazel, and the favored oak. Apple, ash, plus sycamore aren’t recommended and they’re poor quality options to grow your mushrooms.

It is urged to reduce your own personal logs for the mushrooms from healthy or fit trees during fall (when the leaves started falling) to spring (just prior to the buds puff out). Make sure not to meet or exceed 6 weeks before you inoculate if you cut the logs of yours. Have the logs adequately moistened, out of sunlight, and ensure that strong winds will not dry them out. There is a huge possibility that other weed fungi will contaminate the logs of yours whenever you allow it longer. Make sure that the bark is undamaged and clean. Scars on the log is only going to invite some other fungi to come as well as the log will most likely lose the necessary moisture which you do not want to happen. Opt for the ones with less branches. If you can’t find the suitable logs, you are able to always buy them from farmers, forest managers, tree surgeons, or perhaps fire wood merchants simply make sure to specify your needs.

It is advisable wear straight logs with four to 6 inches diameter along with 40 inches in length, these measurements would be the most ideal for quick lifting and handling. Smaller diameter is going to dry out immediately, that you do not wish to happen (too) and larger diameter are harder to take care of and the persistence of yours might run out as it’ll have to have longer time to colonize the log. Allow the logs rest to permit the organic fungicides expire.

The Technique of Figuring out how to Plant Mushrooms

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