Intestine Detoxification


The malfunctioning intestinal auto-intoxication, can have a terrible impact on the nervous system (Dr. Henry Picard).

Much of the immune system is placed on the walls of the small intestine (Peyer’s patches), because it need to be careful that toxic meal do not penetrate as well as contaminate the systems of ours.

This leads us to recognize the wise habit, until a few decades ago, which was giving a laxative to kids and adults at least once a month. In fact, a clean intestine provides an assurance of health since it produces toxic waste and lighten the work of immune systems. A dirty intestines, nonetheless, became home to various poisonous substances which the immune system packed with work that is challenging, thus over time it loses the efficiency of its, giving rise to numerous problems as well as a variety of allergies and intolerances.

View this site point did point out to Dr. Bernard Jensen, after years of study and experimenting , “the most common health conditions in industrialized societies presently is due to a terrible state of bowel cleansing”

The intestines aren’t clean internally, particularly in its last leg (the colon) is the same as getting the personnel of municipal waste removal on hit. In effect if you provide stagnant waste material in the colon, will begin a process of decay that aggravate the mucous membrane, rendering it much less permeable (leaky gut syndrome), this will allow harmful toxins to go into the bloodstream.

These toxic compounds, in turn, may pave the way for countless diseases and disorders, as well as skin issues, blood poisoning, which feeds the mental faculties as well as central nervous system resulting in frontal headache (headache), listlessness, weakness, irritability, bad memory as well as problems which are attributed to senile dementia.

A few symptoms of intoxication as a result of persistence of rotting material in the colon are: feces and bad smelling sweat, malfunction of the digestion system, abdominal bloating, flatulence, halitosis, tongue coated with a white coating, zits and skin opaque and a little tonic. In short, every organ can come intoxicated, prematurely ages the human body, stiffening joints grow older, the brain is idle and is missing the joy of living.

What are the main features of the colon?

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