Penis Testosterone and Size: A Connection?


Although almost all ladies know that penis size isn’t typically one of the most vital characteristics they shop for in a male, this particular topic is still an infatuation for many males – without just those whose penis size may be considered on the smaller side of things. Many men with perfectly decent-sized members continue to desire more often, either in length, girth or perhaps both. It’s known that expertise and penis health are definitely more crucial in practical terms, Discover page (click the following webpage) of course; although something in the makeup of many males needs an actual sign that they are exceptionally virile. And that typically contributes to attempts, such as raising testosterone levels, in a quest to reach a bigger penis size.

But does testosterone actually make a guy’s penis larger? A web search is going to turn up articles – a few from recognized newspapers – about males who did utilize testosterone to achieve penile growth. But these articles include a pick up.


Almost all of the time, reports which claim anything along the lines of a man doubling the penis size of his through the use of testosterone are misleading. They are not always bogus – often the male in question has really seen his penis start to be larger. Though they give the false hope that any male who wants a greater package can get it by merely raising his T levels.

Usually, reports of a male’s penis enlarging due to testosterone involve a case where the individual in question suffered from a condition known as hypogonadism, which occurred at the beginning of life. Hypogonadism primarily is a deficiency of testosterone. When it occurs before or perhaps during puberty, it has the outcome of diminishing a male’s sexual development. With no adequate testosterone, a boy will see tiny or no development in terms of progress of pubic and facial hair, decrease of the voice, and development of the testes as well as penis.

In cases that are extreme, a grown man may have a penis which is actually the size of a pre-pubescent boy’s. In situations that are a lot of , having testosterone supplementation with a prolonged time – sometimes months or years – will correct this. In these instances, a grown male might indeed have the measurements of his penis double, just like he will have whether his testosterone had kicked in during puberty.

Common males

Nevertheless, there seems to be no real evidence that a man who has successfully gone through puberty with no hypogonadism-related concerns will envision a growth in penis size from testosterone therapy. Furthermore, while many males do acquire hypogonadism post puberty, the complications ordinarily associated with it (low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, decrease in bone and muscle mass mass, etc.) do not ordinarily have an effect on penis size. When given by an experienced doctor, testosterone therapy is able to have a direct impact on these adult symptoms, but not on penis size.

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