Prostate Problems – What is the Prostate Gland?


When you have the urgency to urinate but can’t, there’s a good chance that you have prostate problems, especially in case you’re a male over 40. The prostate gland is a small gland, about similar dimensions as a walnut. This particular gland not simply yields semen, but in addition offers storage for the semen. You could say that it’s similar to a “holding tank”. When a male ejaculates, semen leaves the prostate and mixes with sperm. The semen allows the sperm to easily travel to the destination of its inside the female. If you are not involved in natural intercourse, there is no telling the spot that the semen is going to end up!

prostate gland

Whenever you visit a Physician and they inform you that you have to get a prostate exam, get ready for a ride “down south”. The prostate gland is usually found only by inserting a finger into the anus. It sits at the bottom of the bladder, only just face the rectum. The main reason that it causes so many urinary related problems is because it wraps around the urethra. The urethra is the tube which carries urine from the bladder. If the prostate is infected and enlarged, it squeezes away from the urethra and leads to backup of urine. Without some kind of relief, urine cannot be excreted out of the body and other serious health concerns can happen.

The prostate gland, however, not entirely required to a man’s all round health, can cause serious issues with the health of yours if not stored in check. If the gland becomes infected it is able to affect fertility, since it stores semen. Moreover, as it can prevent the flow of urine, bladder and kidney infections may also be common. The next time your prostate causes you a lot of grief, Get started – here. – ready for which one exam a large number of males anxiety a lot, but is essential for a great way of life. Regular exams by your physician are the most effective way to stay away from serious prostate problems.

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