Most Reliable Bare Metal Server Hosting Service Providers in India 2021

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A bare-metal server is a physical server dedicated to a single tenant. Despite seeing the rise (and rise) of bare metal servers in recent years, they are not new and have been commercially available for more than a decade. Many big players in cloud storage now have bare metal server offerings.

Let’s take a look at the most reliable bare metal server hosting service providers in India 2021.

1. Amazon EC2

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In November 2019 Amazon launched a new bare metal option for its EC2 C5 server instances, which are commonly used for running compute-heavy workloads like batch processing, distributed analytics, and high-performance computing. Amazon EC2 C5 instances deliver cost-effective high performance at a low price per compute ratio for running advanced compute-intensive workloads. This includes workloads such as high-performance web servers, high-performance computing (HPC), batch processing, ad serving, highly scalable multiplayer gaming, video encoding, scientific modelling, distributed analytics and machine/deep learning inference. The C5 instances are available with a choice of processors from Intel and AMD.

2. IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers

IBM spin off will have new leadership team in India: Arvind Krishna |  Business Standard News

IBM Cloud® Bare Metal Servers are fully dedicated servers providing maximum performance and secure, single tenancy. No hypervisor means you get direct root access to 100% of your server resources. Customize it all with over 11 million configurations to choose from. Easily move workloads across generations of servers with customized images. We also lowered our bare metal server prices, on average, by 17% across the board — and included 20 TB of bandwidth, cost-free. Choose from hourly, monthly or reserved billing, and more, at prices set for smart cost management.

3. Oracle Bare Metal Servers

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Oracle’s bare metal servers provide customers with isolation, visibility, and control by using dedicated compute instances. The servers support applications that require high core counts, large amounts of memory, and high bandwidth—scaling up to 160 cores (the largest in the industry), 2 TB of RAM, and up to 1 PB of block storage. Customers can build cloud environments in Oracle’s bare metal servers with significant performance improvements over other public clouds and on-premises data centers.

4. Zenlayer Bare Metal Cloud

Zenlayer Raises $10 Million in Series A Funding

Zenlayer offers on-demand edge cloud services in over 180 PoPs around the world, with expertise in fast-growing emerging markets like India, China, and South America. Businesses utilize Zenlayer’s global edge cloud platform to instantly improve digital experiences for their users with ultra-low latency and worldwide connectivity on demand. Take complete control of your data with servers dedicated exclusively to you. Standard configurations offer up to 256 GB of RAM and dual Xeon Scalable Processors with up to 40 cores. Meet demand with as many servers as you need. Use the Zenlayer Portal to add or remove servers at any time or shift resources to another region. Choose either hourly or monthly billing. Directly connect to your servers in other regions and public clouds for a completely interconnected solution. Make additional connections through Zenlayer Cloud Interconnect Partners.

5. Scaleway Elements Bare Metal Cloud Servers

The Cloud that Makes Sense | Scaleway

They are a global tech leader fulfilling our true mission of bringing you the cloud that makes sense. Scaleway offers the right combination of compute power and storage that is flexible, cost effective, reliable, secure and sustainably powered. They are the only cloud provider to offer private data center colocation with Scaleway Datacenter, Dedibox dedicated servers for maximum control and punch, or elastic computing with our modern Scaleway Elements ecosystem with S3 compatibility, a rolling up-to-date Kubernetes and Terraform support all at the same time. No matter what stage of development you may be in, they have the resources to help you sustain your growth.

6. InMotion

InMotion Hosting | LinkedIn

This provider doesn’t mess around with its dedicated server options. InMotion’s “entry-level” Essential plan gives you 16 GB of memory, 15 TB of data transfer, a 1 TB primary solid-state drive, five dedicated IP addresses, and four CPU cores with eight threads. You can even belly up to the customizable Bare Metal package, which can go as high as 1 TB of memory with up to 50 TB of primary disk space, up to 25 TB of monthly transfers, 3.2 GHz clock speeds, 15 IP addresses, and more.
This is the big league of hosting without just outright owning your server farm. InMotion can accommodate the most demanding of websites in terms of traffic, content, and speed. The performance and resources you get in InMotion’s dedicated hosting plans are top-of-the-line. The value of having a stable, capable host like that is immense, especially since you can focus on continued growth with your site running smoothly.

7. Fasthosts Bare Metal Servers

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Since 1999, Fasthosts has been designing new ways to give customers everything they need to manage and control their online space. Innovation drives everything they do, ensuring they offer the latest internet technology across their range of services including domain names, shared web hosting, bare metal server hosting, business-class email, dedicated servers, cloud servers, secure online storage and online backup. They also maintain a highly successful reseller channel. All of their services can be self-managed through the award-winning Fasthosts Control Panel. By focusing on the needs of their customers and employing great people, they have created a profitable, fast moving and market-leading organisation.

8. MilesWeb Bare Metal Hosting

MilesWeb Hosting Review: Best Web Hosting In India

MilesWeb is one of the fastest growing companies in the web hosting industry. You don’t have to go searching anywhere for finding a reliable web hosting partner because they have crafted web hosting solutions that can fill the void left by others in the market. MilesWeb’s journey is driven by passionate leaders and backed by extremely talented professionals. They are committed to providing the best web hosting solution in India and overseas.

Bare metal servers remove the overhead hypervisor that enables virtualization with cloud computing services, meaning that there is nothing preventing applications from performing at their fastest. The server’s tenant can optimize the server as per its needs for achievement, safety, and dependability. The alternative to a bare metal server is a hypervisor server, in which many users share virtual servers’ compute, warehouse, and other resources.

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